This month, the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department welcomed Correction Officer recruits for “Day One” of their Correction Officer Training Academy Class 18-01.

During their time in the Academy, the cadets will learn and experience all that is required to serve as officers at the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department.

In their journey to become members of the Department’s custody staff, officer candidates will endure a rigorous schedule that will test them physically and mentally as they complete their training.

They will receive instruction in subjects that include ethics and professionalism, suicide prevention, the use of force continuum, rearm safety and handling, inmate education and programming, contraband control, courtroom testimony, CORI and inmate rights and responsibilities, fire safety, CPR, report writing, evacuation plans, interpersonal communication and more.

Cadets also receive physical training and are schooled in multiple defense tactics. Through this combination of academics, physical training and drills, new recruits will develop teamwork and leadership skills, as well as a variety of basic law enforcement expertise that they will be able to use throughout their time with the Department.

Though the upcoming weeks will not be easy for members of COTA Class 18-01, they will prepare cadets for everything that being a correction officer entails.