Sheriff Tompkins begins reelection bid before crowd of 250-plus supporters

Suffolk County Sheriff Steven W. Tompkins kicked off his re-election campaign before a packed house of over 250 attendees at Phillips Old Colony House in Dorchester. 

Speaking to a crowd of supporters filled with faces echoing the great diversity of Suffolk County's Boston, Winthrop, Chelsea and Revere neighborhoods, Sheriff Tompkins offered thanks and also his vision for a safer, healthier and more vibrant society.

"I am deeply touched that so many of you have come here tonight to help me celebrate the beginning of my campaign for reelection to this office," said Sheriff Tompkins. "But, this campaign isn't about me -- it's about all of you here today and the citizens of Suffolk County. My mandate is for the care and custody of the individuals who are sent to my facilities, but my focus is also trained on the public health and safety of our communities. As part of my responsibilities, I run the House of Correction, not the House of Warehousing. It is, therefore, my goal to correct some of the ills that have led our population into my custody."    

"Many of the programs that we have at the Department were created with the purpose of helping those who are with us to gain the skills necessary to reenter society better able to care for themselves and their families, which also helps to improve the health and safety of our communities," Sheriff Tompkins continued. "I believe that we are, in fact, our brothers' and sisters' keepers. If it is within our abilities to help, then it is incumbent upon us to help." 

Joining Sheriff Tompkins and his supporters were several other elected officials, including Senator Linda Dorcena-Forry; Representative Dan Hunt; Representative Dan Ryan; Boston City Councilor Michelle Wu; Boston City Councilor Andrea Campbell; present and past Chelsea City Councilors Leo Robinson and Giovanni Recupero, and Joe Perlatonda and Calvin Brown; Revere City Councilor At-Large Steve Morabito; New Bedford City Councilor Dana Rebeiro; and Brockton City Councilor At-Large Shaynah Barnes. 

Steven W. Tompkins, a member of the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department since 2002, was appointed to serve as the Sheriff of Suffolk County on January 22nd, 2013 by Governor of Massachusetts, Deval Patrick and was later elected to the office in November of 2014. As the Sheriff of Suffolk County, Tompkins manages all operations at the Suffolk County House of Correction, the Nashua Street Jail and the Civil Process Division. In addition to providing care, custody and rehabilitative support for inmates and pre–trial detainees, Tompkins also oversees a management, security and administrative staff of over 1,000. Sheriff Tompkins is also serving a two-year term as the President of the Massachusetts Sheriff's Association, and he holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications from Boston College and a Master’s Degree in Public Affairs from the University of Massachusetts.