State Representative Adrian Madaro endorsed Sheriff Tompkins to continue his service as Suffolk County Sheriff. 

“Sheriff Tompkins has a proven track record of leadership. He has demonstrated a passionate commitment to reducing recidivism and increasing positive outcomes for those reentering society,” said Representative Madaro. “The Sheriff has also prioritized prevention programming for at-risk youth in order to divert them from the criminal justice system together. Sheriff Tompkins has been a constant presence in all neighborhoods focusing on issues that affect the diverse communities I represent. He is a strong and experienced leader with the skillset and perspective needed in the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department. I am proud to support Sheriff Tompkins during his reelection campaign and look forward to continuing our work together.”

"Though he’s only held elected office a short time, Representative Adrian Madaro has been a committed community champion for quite a bit longer,” said Sheriff Tompkins. “Having worked within city, state and even national government prior to his election, Representative Madaro has already proven himself to be a strong community leader and powerful voice for his constituents. While I am appreciative of his support of my campaign for reelection as Suffolk County Sheriff, I am even more grateful to have his friendship.”

Appointed to the position in 2013, Sheriff Tompkins won election in 2014 as a first-time candidate with over 83% of the vote. As the Sheriff of Suffolk County, Tompkins manages all operations at the Suffolk County House of Correction, the Nashua Street Jail and the Civil Process Division. In addition to providing care, custody and rehabilitative support for inmates and pretrial detainees, Tompkins also oversees a management, security, and administrative staff of over 1,000. Sheriff Tompkins holds a Bachelor's Degree in Communications from Boston College and a Master's Degree in Public Affairs from the University of Massachusetts.