Boston City Council President Michelle Wu endorsed Sheriff Tompkins to continue leading the Suffolk County Sheriff's Department as Sheriff. 

"I am excited to endorse Sheriff Steve Tompkins for reelection. His focus on providing educational opportunities as well as much needed mental health supports to inmates are integral pieces to lowering the recidivism rate in Boston. Sheriff Tompkins is an experienced leader focused not only on making our communities safe, but ensuring that those who come in contact with the Suffolk County Sheriff's Department receive the necessary supports that allow them to return our neighborhoods as positive community member," said Council President Wu. 

"I've known Councilor Wu for a while now, having worked alongside her to elect U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren," said Sheriff Tompkins. "What I have witnesses is a deeply committed and thoughtful public servant who works tirelessly for others. Her focus on public safety, education, and a plethora of quality-of-life issues vaulted her to the position of City Council President, and I am so grateful to have her support and to be able to call her a friend." 

Appointed to the position in 2013, Sheriff Tompkins won election in 2014 as a first-time candidate with over 83% of the vote. As the Sheriff of Suffolk County, Tompkins manages all operations at the Suffolk County House of Correction, the Nashua Street Jail and the Civil Process Division. In addition to providing care, custody and rehabilitative support for inmates and pretrial detainees, Tompkins also oversees a management, security and administrative staff of over 1,000. Sheriff Tompkins holds a Bachelor's Degree in Communications from Boston College and a Master's Degree in Public Affairs from the University of Massachusetts.